QJ Riding Wear was founded in 2012 after we noticed a large gap in the equestrian market for quality clothing that was also affordable for the everyday rider. Our brand (literally!) stands for Quality Jodhpurs and whilst our range has certainly grown our dedication for quality has never strayed. We’ve spent the past 10 years building an engaged community of QJ lovers and have expanded our line to include a huge variety of breeches, show jackets, riding shirts, casual jackets and riding accessories.
Below is the current wholesale price list. This does not contain ALL products but some of our most popular and will give you a guide to start with.
We do our best to keep our prices as low as being an affordable riding wear option is integral to our brand. That’s why as a retailer, we ask you to maintain the same retail prices as we do on our website. We are happy for you to add an extra $5 per breech/product to the retail price point to help cover postage costs which we keep as low as we can. We ask for our stockists initial order to be a minimum of $1750 with at least 2 different breech styles to be stocked. There is no ongoing minimum spend requirements for future orders.
We would suggest you take a look at the Hannah breech, Kate breech, Lauren breech and tights as these are easy to fit styles, new technical fabrics and consistently best sellers for us.




Wholesale price (excluding GST) Retail price (inc GST)
Kate $90 $159.95
Hannah Work  $90 $159.95
Hannah Competition (white and beige) $90 $169.95
Lauren  $90 $169.95
Ava Denim $77.27 $149.95
Luxury Riding Tights $65.45 $119.95
Bobby Suede seat $72.72 $149.95
Millie Winter $63.63 $149.95
Mens $90 $179.95
Harper compression tights $65.45 $119.95
Stella denim tights $47.27 $89.95
Mia phone pocket breech $90 $169.95
Bella breech $90 $169.95


Riding Clothes and Accessories

  Wholesale price (excluding GST) Retail price (inc GST)
Show Shirts (Kate, Grace, Sally, Amelia Jane) $32.72 $69.95
QJ Stocks $22.27


Show Jackets $131.81 $249.95
Penelope Base Layers $50.86 $89.95
Sammi Sun Shirts $50.86 $89.95
Socks $8.18 $15
Belts $12.27 $25
Beanies $15 $34.95
Jessie sleeveless top $36.32 $69.95
QJ Stock with pin $31.09 $69.95
Elle long sleeve show shirt $54.54 $99.95
Elle short sleeve show shirt $45.45 $79.95

To place your order or to find out more contact us at sales@qjridingwear.com.au